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 Works on Paper

Red River No. 1

Red River No. 2

Midsummer Ecstasy

Poppy Inspiration

Light and Water Series No. 13

Geometric Shapes


Colour Reflections


Blue Circle

My work shows the traditional language of painting: composition, colour, space, shape and mark making. The inspiration often derives from something seen, and is then re-interpreted through the imagination - thus the references to water, flowers or light in the titles.

I develop the paintings intuitively according to my mood and what each one seems to demand - it may be calm, relaxed, restless or dynamic. I enjoy using colour, and I think this is reflected in my work. Any emotion communicated must be created entirely through the medium which I use as purely as possible. Many pictures have been created only with marks and colour, but in other cases, I have introduced more structure by using geometric shapes.

My preferred medium when working on paper is watercolour because of its delicate transparency. Sometimes I add pastel to extend the range of marks, which contrast with or blend into the background.

These pictures should be enjoyed for what they are - like a piece of music.

If you would like to see more of my works on paper, go to the following Website: http://www.bosch-abele.de/Gallery.htm

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